EDRMS Software

Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS)

Looking after the documents and records of your business can be complex, time-consuming and frustrating. However, Automation Technologies offers EDRMS software that will enable you to manage these documents in an easy-to-use manner, making these document easy to store, find and share when need be. Contact us and we’ll change the way you do business forever, changing mounds of paper documents into an easy-to-access digital format.

Key Features of Electronic Document Management Solutions:

  • Fast and powerful search engine
  • Version control (retain and revisit old versions)
  • Easy to manage security and access permissions
  • Metadata classification
  • Remote access to your controlled documents
  • Compliance and document retention policies
  • Automated workflows for approval and review of critical documents
  • Audit history

Benefits of a Electronic Document Management System:

  • One flexible platform for multiple integrated solutions
  • Scalability – add more functionality and tools as required
  • Familiar Microsoft Office user interface
  • Improved user experience
  • Powerful integration features
  • Well supported Microsoft product
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